Mission Statement

In Acts 9 comes the telling of Saul’s conversion to follow Christ. He is on the road to Damascus with a decree stating that he can imprison, and essentially abuse, any followers of The Way, or what we would come to know as Christians. On his way, Christ appears to him. This is the defining moment for Saul, who would become Paul. This is the moment Christ was revealed. This is the moment that Paul’s entire demeanor changed, and his faith came alive. 

Saul was a vile example of a man. He persecuted and led so many Christians to their death. Upon this revelation of Christ, he became one of the most notable Apostles, writing most of the New Testament, while living and dying for the Lord. 

Damascus Road hopes to be a place where fellow believers, and those who do not yet know the Lord, can come to a revelation. We all are wicked beings in our lives of sin. We all are set toward eternal death. The only way that we can overcome that death, overcome the wickedness of self, is to have our revelation on the road to Damascus and see Jesus for who He is, the Lord and Savior of all. 

Through bible studies, commentaries, news, and art, Damascus Road will be able to help others grow in their faith and come to know the King of Kings in Christ Jesus.